GoAccess.io access log file analyzer / How search engines forget but not the spammer

It’s years ago that I maintained the http://www.java-club.de site, many years ago. Unused potential, sure. Server is running, I’m the only maintainer and administrator. Nobody else configure all the whole services hence I had and I have to dive deeply into the man pages and tutorials. Probably Postfix, Dovecot and RSPAMD was the hardest configuration tasks. It […]

FreeBSD and the Hack88 – 88 characters for mount points

A good way to increase the security of a server is to separate the services, program and libraries in a own container. Today, the most would say “Docker, Docker, Docker”. Yeah, it’s a valid solution. U can use docker, virtualization like https://opennebula.org or the FreeBSD specific http://www.bhyve.org. FreeBSD offers simple way for that since nearly 20 years, JAILS. […]

Es war einmal … ! – Re-Launch Java-Club.de

Es war einmal … Während meines Studiums kam ich in meinem Praxissemster in Darmstadt mit der Programmiersprache Java in Berührung. Programmiert habe ich dort Tag und Nacht C / C++ und meine Guten Morgen, Mahlzeit und Guten Nacht Lektüre bildeten die Bücher von Scott Meyers und Bjarne Stroustrup. In der Firma gab es ein Team welches […]

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