It take a lot to know …

“it takes a lot to know a man” – lyrics written by Damien Rice, great song, great artist and the performance together with the Cantus Domus Berlin choir is awesome. but back to the topic. A lot of work in front of me, a huge task list. Actually, no time for additional work beside my […]

How to secure my WordPress installation?

WordPress is a very widely-used blogging system and well known as entrance door. There ‘re tons of hacks, sources and tools trying to get access to the wordpress panel or the root system. There ‘re also tons of plugins trying to secure with changing the original wordpress code oder file names. Why they doing this? […]

Docker on FreeBSD a bad idea? Why macOS and not BSD?

My FreeBSD 11.1 system runs really smooth, all is fine. As cloud system I’m using nextcloud and it works very well. The synchronization between desktop, web and apps is excellent. Shared calendar, files and so on… all fine. Nextcloud offers a way to modify office documents via web interface, called Collabora Online – Collabora delivers […]

Nextcloud 13 in a Jail with php 7.2 and nginx

Installing Nextcloud 13 was trivial and it needs only few hours of concentration. create new jail for the Nextcloud installation keep in mind that u use very short jail names in fact of the hack 88 problem extends u’re pf.conf firewall settings jail can communicate with the world use a custom port like 10443 to […] access log file analyzer / How search engines forget but not the spammer

It’s years ago that I maintained the site, many years ago. Unused potential, sure. Server is running, I’m the only maintainer and administrator. Nobody else configure all the whole services hence I had and I have to dive deeply into the man pages and tutorials. Probably Postfix, Dovecot and RSPAMD was the hardest configuration tasks. It […]

FreeBSD and the Hack88 – 88 characters for mount points

A good way to increase the security of a server is to separate the services, program and libraries in a own container. Today, the most would say “Docker, Docker, Docker”. Yeah, it’s a valid solution. U can use docker, virtualization like or the FreeBSD specific FreeBSD offers simple way for that since nearly 20 years, JAILS. […]

Es war einmal … ! – Re-Launch

Es war einmal … Während meines Studiums kam ich in meinem Praxissemster in Darmstadt mit der Programmiersprache Java in Berührung. Programmiert habe ich dort Tag und Nacht C / C++ und meine Guten Morgen, Mahlzeit und Guten Nacht Lektüre bildeten die Bücher von Scott Meyers und Bjarne Stroustrup. In der Firma gab es ein Team welches […]

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