It take a lot to know …

“it takes a lot to know a man” – lyrics written by Damien Rice, great song, great artist and the performance together with the Cantus Domus Berlin choir is awesome.

but back to the topic. A lot of work in front of me, a huge task list. Actually, no time for additional work beside my ‘normal’ software programmer / architect life. There is few more in the pipeline. I’m going to install and configure bhyve and then docker in the container. A container container. For the programmer stuff, there ‘ll be some springboot 2 stuff. I prefer scala, but at the moment there is more Java stuff around me.

hopefully in the next few weeks my personal project is finished. I renovated my flat by myself. Absolutely all. From the living room to the bad, from the floor to the ceiling. The dot on the i is the smart home system. The project is in the final stage but still ongoing since April of 2018.

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