Docker on FreeBSD a bad idea? Why macOS and not BSD?

My FreeBSD 11.1 system runs really smooth, all is fine. As cloud system I’m using nextcloud and it works very well. The synchronization between desktop, web and apps is excellent. Shared calendar, files and so on… all fine.

Nextcloud offers a way to modify office documents via web interface, called Collabora Online – Collabora delivers the software as docker image. Docker does not support FreeBSD. There ‘re experimental ports. Do u want an experimental package on u’re production server. I don’t, do I. To create a jail for docker is not an option as well. I have to create zfs pool and zfs file system in the jail. This needs to reduce the jail security radically. No option. Running bhyve/iohyve in a jail is no option as well. Needs zfs stuff as well.

It seems the only option is to install the iohyve package on the master system, setup a linux vm and run docker in the linux vm. I’m going to challenge it.